April 28, 2014 – Weekly Greetings From Boliviaaaaa!

Alright, well this week not a lot has happened.. but I´ll make sure to talk about my highlights!

First off, I’m  a ´panera´ which means that I am a fanatic about pan (bread) and an hamburgesera, so tambien, a fanatic about hamburgers and… uhhhh… yeah. Hahaha! Every day my companion looks at me and says “we’re fatties”.


For letters:

Rachel Susanne Gibbs

Bolivia Santa Cruz Mission

Casilla de Correo 2042

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

PACKAGES! SEND THEM THROUGH THE U.S. MAIL POSTAL SERVICE! And put pictures of Mary and Jesus on the part where you open, only then will people not open it!


Rachel Susanne Gibbs

Bolivia Santa Cruz Mission

c/Saaverda esq. Cochabamba

Torres Cainco, Blq Empersarial, Piso 9

Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz


I never say no to Girl Scout cookies Mammy and Daddy (hint hint nudge nudge!) I’m just kidding! But really..and chocolate too! And Mac and Cheese.. oh how I miss Mac and Cheese…

ON TO THE GOOD STUFF!!! So I decided this week that I want to read the ENTIRE BIBLE. 1500 PAGES. No biggie.. I realized I have never read the entire Bible, or Doctrine and Covenants, OR the Pearl of Great Price before. So I wanna be able to say I’ve read them all before I finish my mission! As of now I’m in Lev.. I can’t remember the full name but hey! I made it through Exodus!

This week I was cleaning my room (Ii know.. miracles really do happen!) and I looked at the bottom of my shoe. In the middle of the sole was a HUGE RUSTY NAIL. Thank you Mammy for making me buy ´those big chunky´ shoes. They saved me from a world of hurt and who knows what!

I also learned that there is an insect here that if it bites you, you can die at any moment.. SO I LOVE YOU ALL JUST SO YOU KNOW! Hahahaha!

Lets see… We didn’t get to proselyte much because my companion’s foot is super bad! She has a hurt tendon and cannot walk for a long time. But she is so amazing and keeps pressing forward! This gives me more time to study and learn more about the Gospel. It’s a blessing really!

Spanish.. oh Spanish.. It’s still a daily process of learning, but I really REALLY hope I can look back on it all and laugh because I get frustrated with myself too easily.

The church is true. And I feel so blessed to have it in my life and hope that I can help others receive the same happiness I have. Many people ask me “Hermana Gibbs, why are you so happy” before my mission. I now realize it’s because I have nothing bad in my life. And when I do, I have ways to fight the sadness!

I love you all and miss you dearly! I hope you all have had an amazing week! and I pray for you all daily!


Hermana Gibbie! (Barbie in Bolivia)

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One Response to April 28, 2014 – Weekly Greetings From Boliviaaaaa!

  1. Engy says:

    Rachyyyyy, guess who? it’s Engy! I’m not sure if you’ll see this…I really want to write to you but I have no clue how 😀 (and I have a gazillion assignments and whatnot.. but I promise when I’m done I’ll figure out a way!). I’ve been reading your blog, what you’re doing is so inspirational! God bless you habibti, I miss you more than you could ever imagine:( LOVE YOU!
    (I really hope you read this!)

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