April 21, 2014

Sorry y’all for no letter last week, I had literally no time for my big letter!! ALRIGHTIE THEN

This week we got to play some volleyball! Can you tell who is one happy camper? Also, last p-day we got to take pictures with the ZEBRAS OF BOLIVIA! We asked one if they would take a photo with my comp and I then the zebra yelled (in spanish) PHOTOOOOOOO COME BE IN THE PHOTOOOOOOOO! I´ll send the other one of the selfie the zebra took with all of us. Not this past Sunday, but the Sunday before a returned elder came back to visit. He’s this tall blonde elder from, can you guess? Utah. ahaha! His parents and younger brother came along with them so I got the opportunity to speak English, I was so happy! I’m not sure if they sent the picture of me back to my parents and called yet, but now they will know to wait for the call, ya? 🙂 Also, the thing that helped me get through a hard week was the C. girls, a family who we are teaching their mom, drew for my companion and I pictures of us with them. It was so darling! I’ll send the photo back next week tambien! P.S. Mammy or Al, can you put my address for letters cuz I wish to hear from my beloved friends in the States! 🙂 Also, I’ve told my companion the same tongue twisters that everyone knows! Haha! So we need new ones!

This past week here are some things I learned and found interesting:

Live so that you will be prepared whenever The Savior comes again. Don’t WAIT for repentance.

When we have a sincere desire to sacrifice time, money, worldly possession and sins, we are promised that the blessings you receive are greater than any thing you will ever give up!

You can NOT linger in temptation and expect to over come sin.

Marriage, I found it interesting it says to marry/look for someone you can ALWAYS honor and respect. Someone who will complete you in your life. BEFORE you marry, be SURE you have found someone who you can give your ENTIRE heart, Your ENTIRE love, your ENTIRE allegiance and your ENTIRE loyalty. It hit me how much you give when you get married.

Family relationships require EFFORT but these efforts bring great happiness in this life and throughout eternity. Family is THE most important part of this life.

Also, and lastly, CONVERSION IS A PROCESS, NOT an EVENT. For me I always thought I was suppose to have this magnificent and extravagant event take place so that i could be “converted”, but it is by small and simple things that great things come to pass. The same goes for conversion!

This past week I FINALLY could recite the first vision IN SPANISH. WHOOP WHOOP!

And lastly about the name tag, many people have asked “Why does your name tag only have your apellido? (last name)”. It is simply this. You have your last name which represents your family and the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. This is significant because it means 1. you don´t have your first name which means THIS ISN´T ABOUT ME. This is about serving others and their needs and progression in life. and Second, Never, EVER do anything to dishonor your family name, that of the church or of our Elder brother Jesus Christ.

I love you all so much, and I hope you had amazing weeks. I miss you all dearly but I know I´ll see you all in a year and a half! Which is forever away! But time goes by quickly and I only have 16 months to serve these people with my whole heart. I LOVE YOU AND PRAY FOR YOU EVERY DAY!

Much Love,

Hermana Gibbs (Barbie in Bolivia)



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