Last Week In the CCM (Thank Goodness and I’m Sad)

March 21, 2014

Dear one and all!

As you can tell from my pictures I’m always ready for a photoshoot (not.) This has been a week full of tender mercies and trials of endurance and strength. Where to begin.. OH! We’ll start with the primary kids! There was a ward here that brought their little primary kids last Saturday where they sang ‘I Hope They Call Me On a Mission’. CUTEST THING EVER! Then we sang a song to them which I forgot even though they made me lead the song. They reminded me of Sammy and Austin so I kinda got teary eyed. I miss my sobrinos mucho!

We got to go to the temple TWICE! It was so fantastic. After we went today, there was a group of young men and young women who were there for a temple sealing I think. Anywho, it’s safe to say that I’m famous because they all wanted pictures of Hermana E., Hermana G., Hermana A. (my companion) and me. Pretty sure they were awestruck from my whiteness. One of the young men who was probably like 15 kept standing closer to me to which I tried to nonchalantly move farther away because you need to be ‘brazo’ length (arms length) away from males at all times, which makes sense.

Another funny story along with that was while we were proselyting yesterday we were talking to some jovenes (teenagers) between the ages of 14-16. At one point they stopped me from talking and asked ‘Tiene un Novio??’ (translated to Do you have a boyfriend). I said ‘noooope! No tengo un novio’. They were quite shocked and kept asking WHY! I promptly told them ‘Yo no tengo tiempo por un novio. Yo soy un misionara’. After which my companion explained in Spanish why we both didn’t have boyfriends. Previously to that we were teaching a man who has a brother who is LDS and said he’d come to church and let us get his information so the Elders could visit him! TOTALLY AWESOME. And I got told I’m pretty but that’s not why I’m a missionary so… that’s just an extra fact. Thanks Mammy and Pappy for my genetics! ❤

My Latina companion is AWESOME! Her name is Hermana A., she is from PERU. She speaks pretty good English to which she sometimes has to translate when she knows the words in English. Of course I’m taller than her.. by a lot. She’s very loving and kind to everyone and is such an example to me! I’m going to miss her! I’m not used to how often she hugs and such. I guess you could say I’m like my mom. 🙂

I’ll be sending a picture of some of the Hermanas and I while proselyting. The bunny tried to put his arms around us sisters but we were all ‘NO NO NO’haahaha! It was awesome! The picture below is the nortes (nor-tays) and Brazilians! I’m gonna miss them dearly! I leave this Tuesday I think. It’s gonna be hard to leave but I’m super excited to start the next portion of my adventure!

Thank you for your love and support! It really truly helps me every day to know there are those praying and pleading for Heavenly Father to help me. It’s such a blessing!! I’m sorry I couldn’t write more individually!! I WILL THIS NEXT WEEK! LOVE YOU!

Hermana Gibbs




IMG_5549 (2)

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One Response to Last Week In the CCM (Thank Goodness and I’m Sad)

  1. balmoulah says:

    Rae Rae! Glad to see you’re doing so well, I miss you, take care, and continue being awesome!
    -Bam Bam

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