March 11, 2014

Buenos Dias One and All!!!

Sorry that most of my emails at the moment are mass emails but I’ll do better when I’m outta the CCM and will (inshallah) have more time!!

It seems to me, that whenever I wanna speak Spanish my German/Arabic comes out instead. Makes life a bit of a challenge but I’m loving it! So these past four days have been great! I got a flu shot and so now I’ve been sick but I wouldn’t allow myself to stay in bed because I don’t wanna be a slacker! So here I am, on my p-day (preparation day), with a runny/rojo nose with only mascara on because I’ve decided that I don’t wanna use up all my time at night trying to scrub off make up but then my acne is acting up bad in some areas so I need to stop touching my face but IT’S SO HARD! UFF!

On the lines of touching my face and trying not to fall asleep during the day, we got to go to the temple again today! I LOVE GOING! It’s super hard because it’s in spanish but I’m learning! After we were done with the session and about to go to the cafeteria to eat (which their cafeteria has REALLY REALLY GOOD FOOOOOOOOOD). One of the sisters who works in the Temple let us tour around and see the sealing rooms, the children’s room and we even got special permission to see the baptismal font. They had a picture of Jesus being baptized in the baptismal font, it was SO beautiful! So I showed everyone in my district our family picture and I guess we have a really attractive family. Thanks mammy and pappy for the awesome genetics!

Today because of the fourth weekers (the elder and sister that flew here with me) we got to go adventure around Bogota. THIS CITY IS HUGE! They have TWO missions for just one city. It’s CRAZY! But we got to go to the top of the mountain which is super steep and got to see this chapel at the top. I found it interesting that it’s nice, but it doesn’t compare to how the temple feels. In the temple it’s like an over whelming sense of peace, but this chapel had it’s own sense of beauty. And we also went to a metal museum which had LOADS of gold artifacts and pottery. I personally loved the pottery because to me pottery is more delicate and breakable which is more valuable.

This week we had two ‘investigadors’ (which is really just our teachers being people who they’ve taught while on their missions) and our investigator ‘Claudio’ dropped us because his girlfriend said we were the devil and it was her or the church. It saddens me so much that people would make those they love choose between them and something that WILL bring them to God and Salvation. It didn’t bother me at first, but then I thought about it and understood why Elder Holland said that “when someone doesn’t keep a commitment the first thing to do is be DEVASTATED! It’s their soul and salvation at stake!”. Also my teacher Hermana M. found a new job and left, I BAWLED. She has helped me tremendously and I love her like I do Steph and Al.

Tomorrow I get my latina companion! I’M SUPER EXCITED! I’ve heard you learn Spanish even more fast, WISH ME LUCK! I hope that she and I can become super close because after the other sisters left last night/this morning I cried. Especially when Hermana S., a sister from Peru, we taught her ‘Happy happy birthday from all of us to you’ and she was singing it to us but got half way through and started crying. My heart broke! I’ve met so many amazing and strong people here! It helps me see the type of person I want to become without losing myself. All the Hermanas here are going to BYU and are trying to get me to go.. sooo mammy? Could you send college apps to BYU-Provo and Utah State? or Chris or Allison or someone could do it ^.^

I’m really curious now to who’s all engaged and getting married since I’ve been gone. We got to go proselyting again on Saturday and we talked with this cute couple who said they would read our pamphlet but they think they’re too old to change. I wish I could have better Spanish so that I could help them understand that it IS possible to change! EVERYONE can change, for better or worse! The Atonement makes all this possible for us to change and return to our Loving Heavenly Father’s presence! I almost spelled pamphlet as panthlet.. Silly Spanish is getting me all mixed up and spelling things how they’re spelled!

There is this hermana here who is HILARIOUS. I wanna be just like her! ^.^ She’ll say things with a serious face and tone and it’s hilarious!

Entonces… I’m gonna go blow my nose a lot more and switch rooms! I just wanna let y’all know in Spanish my testimony, what little I can say!

Yo se que el Evangelio de Jesucristo is verdadero. Yo se que nuestro Padre Celestial nos ama muy muy grande! Entonces yo se que todos familias poder ser juntos por eternidad.


Con Amor,
Hermana Gibbs

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