February 21, 2014

Dear Fans of Mine,

I’ve successfully survived my first week at the CCM, in a skirt. I’ve NEVER had so much of a hard time trying to sit properly, but I made it. Haha! It’s official…even without saying anything, my new name is ‘Barbie’. (THAT IS WHY IT SHOULD BE THE TITLE OF MY BLOG ;)). The CCM currently has 9 Sisters (including myself) and probably 40 Elders. Once again I’m part of the minority, being a giant and blonde, but I love it.

The food is FANTASTIC, and when we were having orientation (all in spanish, but luckily I had a translator) the man in charge said that their job was to fatten us up before sending us out, then after he said that he stopped in front of me, looked directly at me and raised his eye brows. Undoubtedly I’m pretty sure I’ve gained a minimum of 2 kilos. Haha! Jk, but really though…

Waking up at 6:30 is a challenge but I’m doing better at it! It’s amazing how the Lord will bless us when we do what is right. I love the CCM Presidente and su esposa (the president and his wife). They are the sweetest couple I’ve ever seen! I’ll make sure my lovely sister Allison posts my pictures here. So I only get to write every 10 days and then 4 days.

IT TRULY IS A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL. So far I’ve run into people who know my brother from Argentina and an elder who knows a friend from Snow College. IT’S AMAZING! I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that it is true, with all my heart. I know that I’m meant to be here in Colombia learning Spanish, and I know that there are people who I’m meant to help in Bolivia.

This past week I think the most different thing I’ve had to eat.. was.. fried pig skin. I made a mistake of asking what it was and I couldn’t eat more than a bite. The Elders in my district sing ALL THE TIME, it’s awesome because they’ll serenade us with Disney songs 24/7. I have two spanish teachers, one is Hermana V. and Hermano M. Both are awesome and it’s crazy because they both look like someone I know back at home.

So basically I wanna live in Colombia when I get off my mission. I’ve already gotten a tan from being outside for 10 minutes. Okay it was more of a burn but it’s turning into a tan. It rains between 1:30-3:30 pm EVERYDAY. I love it!

I’m not sure what else to write, but I’ll write more next week on Tuesday. If you wanna know more about our church, go to mormon.org.

I love you all dearly! I know I say that all the time, but I truly feel that way about all my family, friends, leaders, etc. I’ll be sending all the photos I can this week and next week.


Hermana Gibbs (or Jibbs/Gibby, thats what the latino guys call me, ahahah!)





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