February 12, 2014

Buenos Dias!

Colombia is SOOO beautiful! I made it just fine to the Colombia CCM (Missionary Training Center). Luckily I found the Elder and Sister I was suppose to travel with. Turns out all the Norte Americanos that came to the CCM yesterday are tall and blonde. I know the least amount of Spanish out of the three. Which is fine, I just have to catch up. My companion is Sister E. She is the sister from Hawaii that I flew in with. Also, the three of us are going to the same Mission as well. WHAT A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL. Haha!

We got to watch 17 Miracles yesterday since it was all mainly English\Portuguese speakers, so there were subtitles in Portuguese. You would be so proud of me, I am THE FIRST ONE AWAKE in the morning. I am the only one with an alarm clock so basically after I start moving around in the morning, everyone else has to wake up.

I honestly cannot for the life of me remember everyone’s names, but inshallah I’ll remember soon. I really should have stuck with one language because when I think I know the word in Spanish it turns out to be Arabic or German. FAIL. I’m already suffering from not having my iPhone with me. It’s like I’m missing a part of me. But I’m excited to be mainly disconnected from the internet world.

On the first plane ride over here there was a little girl who sat a seat away from me. I told her I liked her backpack, and when I wasn’t looking she moved. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Hahaha. DRIVING HERE IN COLOMBIA IS CRAZY. Dad if you had come with me you wouldn’t have known what to do. Anywho, gotta go! LOVE YOU GUYS! Remind people to write to me!

Con Amor

Sister Gibbs

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